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V.F.Kovalenko 1

1. Kherson national technique university


The influence of phase changes on structural parameters of water was researched by method of laser emission scattering depending on conditions of their implementation in order to determine the way it forms. The formation of stable water clusters under its boiling and phase change water-vapour-water was defined. It is assumed that the required for their formation change of bivalent oxygen atoms of free water molecules into tetravalent state is provided by released repulsion energy while oxygen atoms of neighbouring molecules approach each other. The obtained findings made it possible to draw a conclusion that forming of stable clusters was stipulated by mutual action of torsional and electrostatic factors. Torsional attraction provided spatial grouping of water molecules with unidirectional spins of cluster oxygen atoms causing hydrogen bonds to link them into hexagonal rings (H2O)6 and further forming clusters from them. Torsional attraction of cluster oxygen atoms ensures temperature and time stability of hydrogen bonds as well as internal stability of construction in clusters. Under boiling and phase change water-vapour-water its structure alters due to the ratios of speeds in binding clusters among themselves as a result of inter-cluster torsional interaction and generation of fine clusters because of influence of cluster torsional fields on oxygen atoms spins of free molecules. In room temperature the change of water structure was determined mostly by inter-cluster torsional attraction. The process of natural water structuring is determined by the similar mechanism. The influence of water defrosting speed on the process of cluster forming in it after phase change water-ice-water is discovered. Strength integrity of large-scale clusters after defrosting is provided by torsional attraction of cluster oxygen atoms. The conclusion is drawn that long-term water memory which is carried by a spin configuration of oxygen atoms in large-scale clusters is not destroyed by phase change water-ice-wate

Ключевые слова: phase change, hydrogen bond, torsional interaction, a cluster, water structure

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V.F.Kovalenko 1 THE FORMING MECHANISM OF CLUSTER STRUCTURE OF WATER // Биомедицинская инженерия и электроника. – 2018. – № 1;
URL: www.es.rae.ru/biofbe/215-1163 (дата обращения: 09.12.2023).

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