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Технические науки
Bosovsky V. 1, Novikova L.V. 1

1. Kherson National Technical University


The work is devoted to the study of the possibility of using terahertz radiation in medicine. For this, the requirements for the terahertz diagnostic system are analyzed. The structure of the automated diagnostic system has been developed. The methodology and algorithm of research has been determined. Conditionally, the basic diseases of the breast are divided into benign and malignant. Malignant is breast cancer, and benign is everything else. It should be borne in mind that benign illnesses in the unfinished stages can provoke the development of malignant processes, therefore to undergo a preventive examination for women should be regularly, and in the event of any symptoms of the disease urgently seek medical attention. There are a number of research methods, each obtaining a more complete picture uses several types of diagnostics. However, each method has its own contraindications, for example, pregnant women do not see most types of which have their application, advantages and disadvantages.In order to increase the sensitivity and mobility of the system, it was proposed to replace the system performance recorder from the Voltmeter B 7-43 with a more sensitive and optimal Agielent -34420 A for low-level measurements, as well as for convenient use for diagnostic purposes, the emitter is fixed inside a hollow tube attached to a tripod. Thanks to what this device can achieve greater mobility of the sensor, good fixation above the surface of the patient´s tissue and ease of use. The research group under the leadership of a leading scientist of the Physics and Technology Institute named after. Ioffe N.T. Bagraeva was proposed the method of early diagnosis of breast diseases with the aid of a terahertz radiator adapted to receive radiation from the patient´s mammary gland. Recording of the results is presented in the form of a graph of the volt-ampere characteristic, which corresponds to a certain state of the mammary gland. The analysis of the data is aimed at revealing the frequencies of vibrations of living tissue cells and the ratio of these frequencies to the state of living tissue. This method is new and requires experimental testing, evaluation of the effectiveness of its application in mammology

Keywords: radiation, diagnostics, sensor

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